Can we customize the magnet I want without drawing or sample?

Many customers have asked us for quotation and customization of magnets. Some of them have no drawings or samples.

Without drawings and samples, can we customize the magnet to meet the customer’s requirements?

The score case, if it is a common wafer square ring magnets, magnet material, as long as the customer can clear the required performance, dimensional tolerance, the exterior coating, the magnetization way/direction, work environment and magnet (heat resistance) and so on, we can according to your request to proofing customized, without magnet drawing and the sample is no problem. On the contrary, if a lot of parameters are not clear, we can not give you a quotation, customized.
Special-shaped magnets, whether ferrite special-shaped or NdFeB special-shaped, must be the need for drawings or samples, because some places are hard to avoid saying clearly, easy to cause misunderstandings in communication resulting in the production of magnets do not meet the requirements.
Another motor with magnetic steel, such as injection ferrite magnets, ferrite tile magnets, ndfeb strong magnetic tile form, as well as the radial multi-polar magnetic ring, etc, this kind of magnet had better provide drawings or samples, because motor magnets tend to be demanding, the surface looked very generally is very unusual, so it is necessary to indicate some of the main parameters, have drawings clear, also avoid make no drawings magnetic steel does not conform to the customer request.
Then there is the nuclear price this piece, many purchases pay more attention to, urgently need a quotation, but many magnet parameters are not clear, such as in the case of the customer is not clear, our company generally will not easily offer, please understand.
In short, motor magnets, special-shaped magnets are best to provide drawings, or regular 2D drawings, or hand-drawn.



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