What are the common grinding methods for magnet blank?

We all know that when magnet manufacturers produce magnets, the first thing they need to do is to cut and polish the raw materials (blanks). There are cylindrical NdFeB magnet blanks, square NdFeB magnet blanks and so on. Most of our friends have never seen them. Some of them may have seen them in magnet factories. Do you know the common grinding methods for processing magnet blanks?

Cylindrical magnet blank grinding method is mainly used: cylindrical grinder.

1565915828859148 - What are the common grinding methods for magnet blank?

Rough grinding and fine grinding are carried out for the outer diameter of cylindrical magnet blank. Rough grinding is used to grind off the oxide black scale produced during sintering. Fine grinding is carried out according to the outer diameter tolerance requirements of finished magnet on the order, and fine grinding is carried out within the tolerance range required by customers. After cylindrical grinding, the column will enter the next process, which is viscose processing of magnet light column, preparing for batch slicing.
The common grinding methods of NdFeB magnet blank are: flat grinding, two end surface grinding, internal grinding, external grinding and so on.
The blank of tile magnet, fan-shaped Nd-Fe-B magnet and special-shaped Nd-Fe-B magnet adopts multi station grinder.
The above is about the magnet manufacturers for the magnet blank grinding method commonly used, I hope to help you understand the magnet.



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