What is demagnetization curve square?

What is demagnetization curve square? Let me introduce you today.
The square diagram of demagnetization curve is an important magnetic characteristic index of permanent magnet. When the magnet is in dynamic working condition, the external reverse magnetic field H or the demagnetic field H inside the magnet changes periodically. For NdFeB sintered magnet, the closer the demagnetization curve of B is, the better the stability of the magnet under the dynamic working condition.
It is worth noting that if the demagnetization curve B of magnet is not straight, the recovery permeability μ rec. has different values at different working points. It is very important to design the magnet in the most stable working state. On the demagnetization curve of magnet, the reverse magnetic field is HK, and hk/jhc can directly represent the square degree of demagnetization curve. For NdFeB sintered magnets with high JHC, JHC is much larger than BHC. Hk/jhc is also one of the important magnetic properties of permanent magnet.

General demagnetization curve of sintered Nd-Fe-B

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What is the demagnetization temperature of NdFeB magnet?

Demagnetization of magnets is a gradual process, and Curie temperature means that when the temperature is reached, magnets will lose their magnetism completely. General N series NdFeB magnets have a high temperature of 80 degrees inside, but demagnetization will start slowly when the temperature is above 60 degrees.
The basic characteristic parameters of NdFeB powerful magnet are introduced:

  • 1. Remanence br in Gauss (GS);
  • 2. Coercivity HCB and Hcj in OER;
  • 3. Maximum magnetic energy product (BH) max;
  • 4. Curie temperature Tc, in ℃;
  • 5. Maximum service temperature (temperature coefficient).


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