Why use rare earth NdFeB strong magnet?

Generally speaking, most customers are to NdFeB strong magnet, here is the majority, because the magnet made of rare earth NdFeB material is strong in the magnet material and the price is moderate, the total cost performance is higher.

Why choose NdFeB magnet?

1471402000893159 - Why use rare earth NdFeB strong magnet?

Is mainly due to the ndfeb magnet has small volume, light weight, strong magnetic characteristics, choose the main or ndfeb, considering magnetic this in ndfeb is more easily processed into alien, and does not need to use the mould, also somebody is expected in the next few decades, don’t have alternative ndfeb strong magnet magnetic materials.

These are the advantages of NdFeB, disadvantages?

1. High temperature resistance.
NdFeB ordinary material N35 can only withstand a temperature of 80 degrees. If the selection of high temperature resistant materials such as 180 degrees, 200 degrees, its cost greatly increased.
2. Appearance defects
The appearance defects of NdFeB are mainly produced in the production process, such as knocking edges and scratches. It is also produced in the electroplating process. Such as bubbles, sundries, sandstone and other situations.
3. Can not do multi-pole.
As far as we knows, NdFeB magnet can not be multipole magnetization, such as 12 poles, 24 poles. But before a client said, several can do. Details are unknown.
4. Fragile
NdFeB strong magnets are fragile and often rot when dropped on the ground.



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